Sherri Knowles (founder and president) is an accomplished accountant with over 30 yearsTucson accountant experience in accounting and financial planning. She has worked with both small businesses (local newspapers, salons, beauty product stores, spas)  and bigger companies (including medical care facilities and the nation’s largest independent jewelry store). Additionally, she has ample experience in private accounting and tax preparation.

Sherri returned to her native Tucson in 2005 and recognized that many small businesses needed assistance with day to day financial operations and in 2010 she founded Verace Accounting with the goal of providing business owners with an approachable and comprehensive accounting solution, enabling them to thrive while focusing on their products.

Sherri is also an advocate for animal rights, caring deeply about the welfare of animals who have been rescued from abusive situations. She’s also a foodie, movie buff, and fan of mystery books.

Her background and training are a valuable resource for small business owners. To schedule a consultation, or for additional information, please contact:


Verace Accounting…

10950 N. La Canada #6204
Tucson, AZ 85737

520 668-9338