Take A Look In The Mirror!

How do you show up? A company’s attitude is a reflection of its leader. Let’s thitucson accountingnk about how a company in the worst of situations can change so dramatically when its leadership steps up and leads the way to success. Sometimes a new leader needs to take control when the current leader is stuck and frustrated. Do you show up to win or do you show up defeated? Do you show up positive and encouraging or do you show up negative and combative? If you’re blaming your employees’ lackluster performance, you’re blaming others for what you’ve created.
Do you understand the “culture” of your business? To understand business culture, take a look at the collective behavior of groups of people and organizations. To understand attitude, all you need to do is look at the faces and behaviors of those you work with. More importantly, don’t forget the face you see in the mirror. Engaging, inspiring and optimistic leaders lead engaging, inspiring and optimistic teams – and that’s the attitude your customers encounter. Grumpy leaders lead grumpy teams – and THAT’S the attitude your customers encounter. It’s that simple.
Simply put….as business owners YOU are the face, attitude, and culture of your business. If your team is failing take a look at yourself. Do you have a clear mission and direction for your business? With no clear direction from you, your team will fail.

4 Responses to Take A Look In The Mirror!

  • This is so true, Sherri. A leader’s attitude will be reflected in those he or she leads. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Grumpy leaders lead grumpy teams. This would be a great title for a book! lol

    It’s so true however and I have to tell you I’ve shared this with a client of mine who is dealing with this very problem. Leadership is about attitude, abilty is secondary and this article spells that out nicely.

  • Clairty is so important to a business. It provides the direction and path for the goals you set and want to achieve. And I agree that attitude is everything, especially in the CEO or leader of the company or organization. Thank you for a wonderful reminder on an important topic.

  • Having clarity about my business focus has allowed me to achieve goals I never previously would have considered. It has been one of the key things in my business development. Coupled with that my attitude certainly influences how I relate to my customers and team members who I work alongside. I have certainly seen ‘leaders’ in organisations I have worked for previously negatively and positively influence their team based on their attitude, individual style and business culture….it can make or break and I believe is critical in our professional and personal lives.

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