Are You Achieving Your Business Vision?

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Do you have a vision for your business?

When planning and starting a business, we all have some sort of vision, or goal for our company. Some visions are more abstract while others have a clear, written plan. The process varies, but we all have a vision. Then what keeps you from achieving that vision?
Do you fear making changes in your company? Businesses must be able to adapt and evolve quickly. If you fear making necessary changes then guess what – the clock is ticking! Sooner or later your business is going to go boom and your staff is going leave because your business is stagnant. Only you can decide when to end your self-imposed “hostage” situation.
Do you want your business to grow and succeed? Of course you do. Then it’s time to become the leader your business needs you to be. Fact: You’re not going to implement change without rocking the boat. You may have toxic employees that should have been set free long ago. You may have employees that simply won’t fit the new culture your vision requires. Cultivate a team culture and reward behaviors that drive teamwork. Use a pay system that rewards overall performance. Empower your employees! YOUR business is on the line. Do what’s best for your business and you will achieve the vision you’ve been chasing for years!

4 Responses to Are You Achieving Your Business Vision?

  • I feel like I am constantly making changes in my biz, lol! Sometimes it can be a lot of work, but it is worth it! 🙂

  • Powerful post Sherri, Thank you!

    It is so important to have a clear vision to carry you and your business forward. And that everyone in the company is on board with that same vision.

    All too many times we let our employees hold us captive. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Before we assume an employee who we have vetted is toxic, make sure our vision is crystal clear. And, make sure the employee understands it. Then, the stage is set- and everything is ready for prime time. Move forward or be left behind.

  • Thank-you for this post, Sherri. Staying true to your business vision is part of being authentic. We can’t be afraid of rocking the boat just to maintain the status quo. If you are, you’ll never know what wonderful opportunities you missed because you were afraid of the unknown. The one quality every entrepreneur must have is courage!

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